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Here For More Podcast: Personal Development & Mindset Growth for Eco Entrepreneurs

May 10, 2021

It’s Here For More Podcast’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! 🥳 We’re celebrating by reflecting on the past year of the show and how it has grown. 

Did you know Here For More didn’t start as a podcast? Did you know I kinda came across the name by accident? Did you know our podcast cover art has a mistake in it that I never fixed? Did you know that at one point I was MASSIVELY burnt out and worried about the future of the show?? And what does it REALLY mean to be “here for more”?

In this birthday episode, I’m sharing all the behind-the-scenes details of how Here For More Podcast got to where it is today, and what it looks like moving forward.

Be sure to listen until the end to hear details of our special birthday GIVEAWAY! 🌟

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